How Do I Begin?

We suggest you begin with Focus Sounds.  Focus Sounds are the forty-four sounds of English.  You must learn the forty-four sounds of English, and the correct pronunciation and symbols for those sounds.  We use the phonetic symbols found in the Webster's Rhandom House Dictionary.  Thes


1.  To begin click on "Focus Sounds" in the menu across the top of this page.  This will open a list of the forty-four sounds we teach.


2.  Select a sound to study and click on it.  You will be shown the initial instructions on how to make the sound.  Also you will be taught the proper position of the lips, tongue and teeth needed to make this sound. These positions are known as the Mouth Positions.


3.  After this initial instruction you will be shown fifteen slides.  Each slide contains a word that has the sound you chose.


4.  Each of the fifteen words will be written two ways:

  1.  With the correct spelling.

        2.  With the correct phonetic syllables.


5.  Click on the phonetic syllables to view a video.  The video will illustrate the correct mouth positions and the correct pronunciation.


6.  Watch the video carefully.  See the mouth positions of the sounds in the word.  Use a mirror while you say the word.   Be sure you are using the same mouth positions you see in the video.  You can replay the video as many times as you like.


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