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"...I wish somone would have taught me that the spoken language is different from the written language..."

Claire W.

Understanding and Speaking English

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You cannot speak English clearly if you do not know how to link, how to speak in syllables, and how to correctly pronounce each of the                                       sounds in American English.
Hear what our students say about our program:

Click on a photo below to hear from our students:


Cantonese           " must try this website to learn about linking and syllables..."

Frank C.         


 "...when I saw American movies and television shows, I could hear that they were pronouncing different sounds than I was learning in school..." 

Anni K.


                                  "...the best thing that I have learned                                                   from this program is linking..."

Irene N.



" cannot speak English without linking..."

   Claire W.


 Japanese        "...I was surprised when I came to the U.S. and no one could understand me..."               Masako T.

Were you taught how to pronounce the sounds used in American                                    English correctly?
You MUST pronounce each sound of American English correctly.  If you do not use the correct sounds, YOU ARE NOT SPEAKING ENGLISH.  Native speakers only understand the sounds used in their language.  Our students are the best proof.  They say,

"I can tell you, from my experience, that people that speak English will not understand you if you do not pronounce the sounds correctly.

Laura E.

"I thought I was being taught correct pronunciation from my school.   When I got to the U.S., no one could understand me, and I couldn't understand them.  The first thing this program teaches is how to correctly pronounce the sounds of American English, by teaching how to shape the lips, where to put the tongue, and jaw.  They have videos that give a close view of the mouth of a native speaker."
Click on a photo below to hear from our students......


 Chinese                                    Spanish                                           Japanese

      Claire W.                                          Irene N.                                                                                       Masako T.

Ξ  Ξ  Ξ  Ξ  Ξ  Ξ  Ξ  Ξ  Ξ  Ξ  Ξ  Ξ  Ξ  Ξ  Ξ  Ξ  Ξ  Ξ  Ξ  Ξ  Ξ  Ξ  Ξ  Ξ  Ξ  Ξ  Ξ  Ξ  Ξ  Ξ  Ξ  Ξ  Ξ  Ξ  Ξ  Ξ  Ξ  Ξ  Ξ  Ξ  Ξ  Ξ  Ξ  Ξ  Ξ  Ξ  Ξ  Ξ  Ξ  Ξ  

***99% of English courses DO NOT teach the spoken language***

                   Do you know what "linking" is???

In English, the SPOKEN LANGUAGE is different than the WRITTEN LANGUAGE.                We do not SPEAK words.  We read words. We write words.                        

How important are syllables and linking?  See what our                    students have to say.  Click on a photo below.



     Irene N.

                                  Chinese                                   Cantonese                             Japanese

                                                               Claire                                                                           Frank C.                                                                  Masako T.


First, you must learn correct pronunciation.

We teach the correct mouth positions for each of the 45 sounds in American English taught on this website. In "Focus Sounds" we focus on one sound at a time telling you where to place your lips, teeth, and tongue.  We then give you a video that allows you to view closely the mouth of a native speaker.

Click here to go to Focus Sounds, and see a free sample lesson of how we teach sounds

Let our students tell you:
     "In the focus sound section, there are lessons that explain where to put the lips, teeth, and tongue for each sound.  There are 17 sounds that require a pucker of different shapes and sizes.  You must study, and practice these sounds until you are able to make them correctly."
                                                                                             more video testimonials coming soon


  Spanish                        Chinese

        Irene N.                                                     Claire W.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Our lessons are based on the first 300 Most Frequently             Used Words in the English Language.

  •  The first 25 words represent 1/3 of all written text.
  •  The first 100 words represent 1/2 of all written text.
  •  The first 300 words represent 65% of all written text. 

If you will learn to pronounce these words perfectly, and then learn how to link them, you can reduce your accent by 65%!                                              


Do you know what the #1 most frequently used word in English is?

Click here to see the answer, and see if you are pronouncing it correctly.


Click here to see a free sample lesson of the most frequently used words in English.                     


Click on the pictures below to hear our students, in your own language.                                                        

"These lessons make it easier to pronounce the words.  You need a mirror to be sure you are making the same mouth positions as you see in the videos."



Japanese                            Chinese

     Masako T.                                                            Claire W.








We teach rules of pronunciation, which teach how to divide words into syllables, and how to link syllables.  

We teach rules of pronunciation, which teach when a vowel sound is long or short.

Try to pronounce every syllable!

Do you know English speakers speak syllable by syllable?  You must pronounce every syllable.

Click here to try to pronounce a multi-syllable word. 

Do you know you MUST know when a vowel is long or short?         Can you hear the difference between these words?

 Click here to see if you hear the different vowel sounds.

  Many times, the only sound that is different, in one word or another, is the vowel sound.









Cantonese                            Chinese 

         Frank C.                                                            Claire W.





   Online classes coming soon!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Japanese                                 Chinese                      Masako T.                         Claire W.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

We have a video resource to help you pronounce items associated with holidays, food, and traffic. 




Coming soon!!  Useful dialogue that is used everyday by people that speak English.












We have THOUSANDS of videos that allow you to see the mouth of a native speaker pronouncing words, and partial phrases.  These videos allow you to view closely the lips, teeth, and tongue of a native speaker.

Click here to see a free sample video lesson of how to pronounce items seen on the streets.


Click here to see a free sample video lesson of how to say partial phrases, and link them.                      


Click here to see a free sample lesson of how to pronounce the first ten most frequently used words in the English Language.


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